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My Background

Growing up in Louisiana as an avid outdoor sportsman and loving to work on all sorts of projects shaped my passion for construction from an early age.  I graduated from LSU in 2001 with a degree in construction management and enjoyed over a decade of working at Milton Womack construction. RMD construction was born from a desire to use my skills and passion together to build my own business.  I’ve always heard that your project will only be as good as your general contractor.  Getting to work with my clients on being a part of building their dreams and seeing success in my construction projects is what makes me love my job. 

From a hunting perspective, when a deer sheds its antlers it is called “regeneration” 

which means “to make new or restored to a better state.”  

At RMD Contruction, it is my goal to see the successful regeneration 

of your construction project from start to finish.

Completing your Residential Project

There’s no place like home! 

Let RMD help you love where you live

 by building or remodeling

 your dream home.

Completing your Commercial Project

Let RMD partner in making your business a success with new construction

 or by remodeling your current space 

for better function and profitability.


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